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Genesis 7 Guarding And Allied services is a trustworthy security company in Maharashtra, India committed to providing a comprehensive list of security services to meet each client’s unique security needs. Our trained and licensed security officers have the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to protect our clients and their physical and financial assets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We are committed to becoming your one-stop security company. We offer a number of general and specialized security services to meet your security needs.

Genesis 7 Guarding And Allied are provided strictly in compliance with industry-specified quality standards using premium quality raw materials and latest technology. Genesis 7 Guarding And Allied Services are demanded by the school, residential, commercial and industrial areas for the purpose of improved safety of lives and belongings. The housekeeping and manpower services offered by us are required by corporate firms, individual clients and commercial establishments for the efficient management of daily chores as well as for the sprucing up of the appearance of the area. Our services guarantee exceptional quality at all times. By consistently rendering services that meet the expectations of the clients, we have garnered a lot of credibility in the market.

Under the leadership of Mr.Satyajeet  & Pankaj Atri, we have garnered a loyal clientele by ensuring the transparency of our business transactions. We strive to uphold the ethical principles which form the cornerstone of our business in all our business dealings.

Our Business Philosophy

To provide comprehensive and completely reliable services to the delight of our clients.

To assemble a dependable information resource base which our clients could utilize in furtherance of their interests.

Quality Assurance

The Security and Manpower Services provided by us are easily accessible to clients at reasonable prices. The demand for these services in the market is high owing to their unparalleled quality. Our commitment to the maintenance of high standards of quality in our services has led us to become one of the most reputed firms in the domain. Stringent monitoring of these services is done at the time of their provision to guarantee compliance with industrial quality standards. The quality audits are carried out by our team of adroit quality analysts.



Security guards help ensure the safety of property, employees, and residents & monitor a wide variety of settings, including shopping malls, banks, transportation facilities, and hospitals. States usually regulate the amount of training required for workers in this profession. Those drawn to the security profession should demonstrate an ability to deal with stressful situations.



We are a highly trusted, bonded and insured professional security guard services company. We specialize in providing security guards, mobile patrols, and event security personnel to clients nationwide. We are available 24/7 for all your business, personal, and special needs. Don’t let tragedy happen and hire a security guard now. Our operators are standing by to help you, CALL NOW.



When hiring a company to handle your protection needs, it’s important to hire an experienced firm that has your best interests in mind.When a business approaches us to take care of its protection needs, our network allows us access to all types of security guards allowing us to send the right employees for the job, at the guaranteed best rates.