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We provide services to a large number of Government and reputed companies all over Maharashtra such as director General Quality Assurance (min of Defense), Institute of Banking Personnel & Selection (Min of Finance), and Blue Chip like Indian Tobacco Company Ltd, , ,India Card Clothing Company Ltd, Piramal Holdings, along with  units such as Mother Dairy Food, Processing Ltd., Polaris Ltd, , Elegant Collection, Vodafone, Development Bank of Singapore, State Bank of India, Infrastructure Development Finance Company, Honda, etc.


Selection of Security Personnel:        


Personnel are drawn mostly from  Madhya Pradesh,Uttar pardesh, Bihar, Uttaranchal and Orissa along with personnel from other parts of the country. We have a set pattern of physical standards like physical fitness, weight and height, apart from checking the general health. Those who qualify the physical standards are made to undergo physical exercises, apart from teaching basic etiquettes before finally inducted for selection and training. We have strength of 300+ qualified and well trained personnel in our strength deployed all over India. All managerial staff are from ex Defense forces. Supervisory staff is mix of civilian and defense.

Training Facilities:


For effective security services, training of inducted personnel methodically and systematically to achieve desired standard is must. No one understand this, as much we do as the company is headed by an army colonel, which is why, we at Genesis 7 Guarding And Allied Services offer the entire gamut of training services to our men. The training is imparted by qualified instructors of ex armed forces. Our comprehensive training capsule covers physical aspects of the security such as armed and unarmed combat, the element of gate control, perimeter patrolling, maintenance of documents, detection of pilferage, fire fighting, first aid, public relation, industrial relation and art of being courteous yet be firm while dealing with concerned people. The aim is to make them a perfect corporate solider. We are attached with  Govt Recognized Training Institute’s In Pune  in the Name of.. Spartan Training Institute


It is pertinent to mention that, we carry out security training to Government and corporate.





Once after training, the personnel are placed under experienced security guards for on the job training. The security personnel, whom will be selected for your establishment, had already been performed duty in similar scenario. The security personnel thus selected for new contracts are put through orientation of the new place under designated Area Managers. The new site will be daily visited by our manager/area officer both at day as well as night to ensure constant watch to ensure the tenacity of the security personnel to ensure effective service.

We have strong set of liaison with police and Government agencies.

   Physical Training
   Parade Training & Drill

  • Careful / Relaxing Right / Left and Left, Right, Right

  • One, Two and Three Line Making

  • Two Steps Right, Left, Walking Forward and Back



    Introduction about:

  • GENESIS 7  organization

  • Role composition

  • Role & functions



   General Info:

  • Rules of security

  • Use & requirement of shift changing

  • Ranks of security personnel

  • Uniform & Equipment



   Types of duties:

  • Courtesy behavior of security guard with

    1. Management

    2. Visitors

  • Instructions for guarding personnel regarding duties

  • Frisking of person

  • Searching of vehicle

  • Gate Pass

  • Challans

  • Maintenance of registers

  • Control of main gate

  • Material inward register

  • Occurrence / log book – incident reporting

  • Material outward registers

  • Visitor’s pass

  • Visitor’s register

  • Vehicle in-out register

  • Labour in-out register

  • Key register

  • Signal communication

  • Basic English teaching for daily use

  • First aid

  • Mannerism / body language during duty



   General Security Information:

  • Definition of fire

  • Types of fire

  • Preventive measures

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Drill & procedure to put off fire

  • Action to be taken on occurrence of fire.

  • F. I. R (First Information Report)/ Panchnama

  • Order obedience

  • Unauthorized person

  • Use of telephone

  • To tackle emergency situation

  • Types of contacts

  • Maintenance of security cabin

  • Types of Bombs, recognition of bombs and motives of Bomb threats



   Industry Specific Instructions:

  • Number of Departments in Organization

  • Admin., Security, HR, Accounts & Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production, Top Management

  • VIP Security

  • Event Security

  • Bungalow / Bank / Security

  • Hotel / Factories security

  • ATM duties



    Unit Specific Instructions:

  • Nature of business

  • Key People

  • Post-wise duties

  • Registers to be maintained

  • Escalation levels in the clients office and at Globe

  • Leave policy

  • Handing over-taking over duties during shift change